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Partner Training: Wait Tables & Work Retail

I want all of my children to wait on tables and work retail at some point in their lifetimes. I waited tables in multiple restaurants and worked in department stores through most of college and graduate school. The lessons for them as well as future partners are beautiful. Waiting tables: I remember many nights of heading…

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Avocados and Relationships

I have a confession. Avocados used to intimidate me. I didn’t grow up eating them, so I didn’t know how to cut them open. I had heard that they were good for me, but not feeling like an avocado expert kept me from buying them and giving them a place in our kitchen. So, I…

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Why I Hide the Scissors

Nothing can make our emotions go haywire more than our partner can. Our children come a close second. Have you noticed? I’ve heard that policeman are in more danger when they are called to a domestic situation than to a bank robbery. Emotional reactions to our partners can hijack our senses in a way that…

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