The Art and Science of Love Chattanooga, TN



Dates TBA
Presenter: Dr. Carol Stoney

Couples spend two days working together through lectures on the best research in the world on healthy relationships combined with exercises done privately that are an enhancement of the material that they are learning.
This workshop takes proven research and tools to a new level to teach couples the following:
The keys to a healthy and satisfying relationship
How to apply the difference between constructive and destructive conflict
A better understanding of what brings true intimacy and passion in a relationship
How to repair after a regrettable event within the relationship
How to plan ahead for a lifetime of connection
Couples who are ready to spend the time and energy to get to know each other and know relationships in a new way are perfect candidates to take part in this workshop. The material is presented in a fun and engaging way, and couples are never asked to share personal issues with other couples in the workshop. (Couples who should not attend are those currently involved in domestic physical or emotional violence)


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